gives a gift for an ice daughter - Hyun Dance Princess
"Sparkling Dad" 2017-02-06 [Phase 10]
When an ice is worth a thousand dollars
Everyone gives a surprise party for ice! ! !
what is it then?

"After watching the movie, an ice dad returns to BH with Leon.
Light and light, thinking that everyone has fallen asleep...
An uppercase bold exclamation mark
Feeling different
The music is ringing and the lights are shining
It turned out to be a surprise for everyone to prepare for an ice! ! ! ”

Congratulations on an ice-like lover!

Wow wow~
Glittering lights

Please pay attention to the things on the hands of Huang Zikai!

It turned out that this surprise is to send gifts~
Still a small scholar's home dazzle ~ dance ~ public ~ the main ~

I am more excited than the other three dads.

"I don't send anything expensive"

"But it makes a lot of sense"
"But it makes a lot of sense"
"But it makes a lot of sense"
(Yes! Here are n praises!!!)

Gifts are not at the price!

Sincere son

May the little princess of ice be as beautiful and cute as the dazzling Barbie!
grow healthy!

"Sparkling Daddy" 2017-02-06 Full version: [No. 10]
From the 35th minute, the shining scene will be presented to you~